From Oncologist in Training to Oncologist in Practice: How Focusing on What I Can Control Helped Me Find a Career

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

-Marcus Aurelius

Towards the end of my fellowship in hematology and medical oncology, I was anxious about not being able to find a job. I had applied to two places, but had not been offered a position at either of them. The burden of medical school debt, combined with the responsibility of providing for my family, including two small toddlers, weighed heavily on my mind. I found myself worrying constantly about the unknown and what the future might hold.

At first, I tried to control the situation by applying to every job I could find and even considering relocating to another state. But as the weeks went by and I still didn’t have any offers, I began to feel increasingly helpless and frustrated. I was consumed by thoughts of failure and the fear that I would never be able to provide for my family.

Eventually, I realized that I was letting my fear and anxiety control me. I decided to let go of the things I couldn’t control, such as the outcome of my job search, and focus on the things I could control, like my mindset and my determination to keep going. I started to see the job search as a challenge to be overcome, rather than a source of stress and anxiety.

I began to focus on my mindset, reminding myself that I was a skilled and knowledgeable oncologist with a lot to offer. I also started applying to more places and networking with other professionals in my field. As I continued to take action and stay determined, I gradually began to feel more in control of my situation.

One day, I received an offer for a job at a private practice group. It wasn’t my dream job, but it turned out to be the best career decision I ever made. I accepted the offer and began my new job with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude.

Looking back, I realized that I had let go of the things I couldn’t control and focused on the things I could. By accepting my situation and taking action, I was able to overcome my anxiety and find a job that provided for my family and allowed me to continue pursuing my passion for oncology.

Here are the crucial points to remember and apply in order to achieve your goals and live your best life:

  1. Take control of your life by identifying the things you can and can’t control, and focusing your energy and efforts on the things you can control.
  2. Make self-care a priority in your life, and take time to focus on your own well-being. This can help to support your personal growth and development.
  3. Practice gratitude on a daily basis, and focus on the good in your life. This can help to shift your perspective and keep you moving forward with positivity and purpose.

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